Tan Phu Nong


Your love and confidence is our pride, our greatest success in the process of formation and development, looking back over 10 years of construction and development, all members In the same house TPN realized that to achieve today's success is not only from the efforts, efforts of all employees of TPN but above all the trust of customers, as well as the belief. The cooperation of partners.

General outlook on current agricultural situation:
World situation:

  • Accession to international economic treaties such as:
  • By the Transpacific Partner Agreement (TPP).
  • To be less dependent on a single trading partner and to have a broader relationship,
  • TPP will help promote regional cooperation, helping to solve the problem of economic equality
  • That is what TPP will bring to us all because the United States, Vietnam and other partners will have to adhere to the principle that the parties have come together. That is the future is waiting for us

Domestic situation:

  • Rebuild the government system open and comply with the constitution and the law.
  • Taking the private economy as a foundation for boosting the country's economic development
  • Serve dirty food, counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality
  • In addition, the TPP also has more aggressive ways of protecting the environment and fighting corruption.
  • The situation of saline intrusion in the provinces of Mekong Delta, severe drought in the Central Highlands

Orientation of Lam Dong Province:

  • Expand the satellite city to develop into a vegetable tourism area and high technology Agriculture,
  • Organize the plan to re-cultivate and build its own brand of coffee

Development plan of TPN company with customers in the coming years:

  • Carefully filter out product groups that do not leave the environment harmful.
  • Add pure and premium product lines to the range.
  • Enhanced organic fertilizer lines.

To ensure the worthy name of Tan Phu Nong: with the goal of continuously renovating, eliminating the backward agriculture, wasting, constantly updating the technology of agricultural production, step by step with the people. Farmers are constantly changing and developing in harmony with the ever-evolving global development.
This is just the beginning to affirm the correctness and efficiency in the development orientation of a business to the professionalism of a Distributor, thus opening up many opportunities for the Company Limited. Tan Phu Nong continues to move forward with greater goals.
We learn from the respected teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. He said: "Only new sincere dialogues make both sides ready to change." The company always focuses on the selection of quality products, constantly improve the quality of services to provide high quality products with reasonable price, timely response to the increasing demand of customers. At the focus areas, bring the highest satisfaction to customers and especially customers apply high quality agricultural production technology.