Tan Phu Nong


Tan Phu Nong Company for more than 10 years

Tan Phu Nong Production - Trading - Service Company Limited was established on 26/04/2005, over 10 years of establishment and development,
a main car is not full 12m2, device page, storage and moving media used to be used with the shop Son Shui, plus the degree decisive and right orientation Tan Phu Company Limited is a Ho Chi Minh City Investment Company set from date 26/04/2005 for this now than 10 years old. This is a great time to start your business with a great deal of money. However, with the unceasing efforts, the determination and synchrony of leaders and employees, Tan Phu Manufacturing - Trading Co., Ltd. has quickly put all business activities into a stable and developing a. quick way, effect.

To make sure about the name of Tan Phu Nong: with the latest renewal links, remove the consequences of agriculture, the consequences, romantic, linked high agricultural technology, each step alongside her will change the countrys and growly pace with the developer không kết thúc với mọi.
Before the last, which is only for the manager of the team, the business but very young but the organized activities of a lotly, and did not follow the search for the author in Vietnam. and the continuous business over the past 10 years. Can not support all in all, stable with we can not create the highlight, successive operation, trade for trade to upgrade the city of business, up to rent, cost savings of a environment.
Total revenue has generally declined, but is expected to increase steadily from 40-50% after more than 10 years of operation.
The tax assessment of the medium-term group is the responsibility, ie the noble duty of the business
With the information of the employee of the employer to follow the development of the business.
Tan Phu Agriculture will continue to implement the objectives of the State of the State of the State. more. The company always pay attention to quality filter products without the need to provide quality service to provide high quality products with reasonable price to meet the increasing demand of customers at a regional region, giving the best at best to customers and best product of the best product of agriculture. With the business criteria have been identified at the beginning of Tan Phu Nong Production - Trading - Service Co., Ltd. is Compliance with Laws, Business Effectiveness, Development of difference and quality.